Sunday gleanings

Examples of fine writing style need to keep each other company.

Unnecessary notes

The at-a-glance approach was no longer the be-all and end-all of my raison d´être.

Seeds and Tools | Sementes e Ferramentas

For translators pursuing that all-important goal of honing their craft.

Shifting spaces, new horizons

How my relationship with my two computer screens has altered within a few short months and shifts in how I relate to the information I consume every day.

Who will harvest my pumpkins?

My play would have the old man surrounded by unharvested pumpkins at various stages of maturity, some enormous.

Head space

It is hard to know for sure from which font they surge, what comes first—thoughts or feelings—or if they are conceived together, and always, or only sometimes, live in tandem. Hard to know where they reside once born, and why the me-ness of them is suddenly brimful at dawn as the last owl calls give... Continue Reading →

The fifty ways

I heard the Earth rumbling: it was the hearts of millions of fairies turning to stone and thudding on the ground like persistent, regular blows from a hammer. They were dying in their successive droves as daylight reached one time zone after another around the Planet.

Wild civility

I am all tuckered out acceding to requests for username and password, and somewhat bemused by the wishes of a colleague for a 'smooth transition'.

The matter of socks

I like to wear socks whose bona fides are intact. You might think its strange, but I have an aversion to that horrible little thread in cheap socks that worms its way between my toes.

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