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Sources of Joy – Day 69

I sat down and ate my lunch slowly today, and enjoyed doing so. This is unusual for me, and therefore counts as an achievement. Standing up in the kitchen and only eating half of what I should is my usual way of doing things.

I also lay down just because I could this afternoon. It was a bit like my experience with acupuncture, except without the needles. A deep sleep and no pressure to get up immediately upon waking, although I did. As I clear, clean and organise the next load of things to move to my new home, I find the mindful approach is making for solid progress. I have done so many things this year in a state of semi-panic that this new-found calm, which has a touch of hyper-reality about it, is pleasing. It places me squarely in the present; in the now. Where else could I be?

Photo taken on 7 May 2014
Photo taken on 7 May 2014

Completely centred as I was, it was a little surprising to have someone ram their car into the back of mine in the village where I had stopped in front of a zebra crossing. Clearly, the accident was not my fault. No damage to either car!

It happened right in front of the Church. With a huge grin on my face, I pointed skyward and said to the inattentive man who bashed in his expensive car into mine that it was thanks to this Cross that no damage was done.

He readily agreed, returned the grin, and went on his way, and I did mine.

All the exercise I have had over the last month, first walking all over the place in the absence of my car, and now the rigours of moving house, have left me feeling fit and well. Eating and sleeping better, and lots of silence seem to have worked wonders, too. I felt the difference during my gardening job at the villa this afternoon, and was not at all tired after two hours of brisk activity. The surprise of a retainer for the next four months while the owners are away has left a little extra cash in my pocket. I chose to use some of it to buy furniture polish, of all things, and cleaning materials instead of a new pair of jeans; an admission to myself that priorities do exist.

On the way to the supermarket after gardening, I had to take a photo. Two things are remarkable here:

  1. How many people are fortunate enough to have a view such as this one from outside their local supermarket?
  2. How anyone in their right mind can purchase a silver-grey car is still beyond me.
Grey cars, buildings old and new, sea in the distance.
Grey cars, buildings old and new, sea in the distance.

The ability to see new things for the first time always amazes me. Today I saw a window through a window. The four-leaf clover image within the window is actually the window at the other end of the Church, above the main altar. I never noticed that from outside before.

In reality, the smaller window is possibly 60 metres distant from the larger one, and three to four metres higher.
In reality, the smaller window is possibly 60 metres distant from the larger one, and three to four metres higher.

That’s my find for the day.

I returned home to find e-mails from three people with whom I love working, and an e-mail from a good friend. These pieces of correspondence are welcome – and a reminder that my 30-day break is coming to an end soon, but the journey will continue.


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