No problem – new radiator required

Sources of Joy - Day 43 The first source of joy came from the utter calm of composing a quotation to a potential new client this morning. Integrating newly absorbed ideas from the recent conference into daily practice made me feel as if a plan were coming together. I was also happy that I gave this... Continue Reading →

Exquisite chuckle

Sources of Joy - Day 43 Outside of conference business, I arranged last week to meet up for (good quality) coffee this morning with a  Porto-based translator who edited the English version of a big project I did in 2011. The flimsy excuse was to discuss timetabling for a large translation of hers which I... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a conference lover

Sources of Joy - Days 40, 41 and 42 Do not jump to any conclusions. All dealings at the Evento regional da ProZ em Porto, Portugal and the Freelance Box event held this weekend in Porto were strictly professional, she said prudishly. The confessions part of the title owes its existence to a fleeting thought... Continue Reading →

In between

Sources of Joy - Days 38 and 39 I am not sure that there should be a space between these two days. They form a contiguous blob in my mind. Each blob contained high anxiety levels tempered only by the calming effect of having a mountain of work from saving me from having to think... Continue Reading →

Self-promotion, strangely enough

Sources of Joy - Days 36 and 37 Note:  All graphic material on this page is the sole copyright of Toni Le Busque, who so engagingly illustrated my brief but informative memoirs in Scatterling. Seeing as she had so much fun drawing them, I am, as far as I know, the only one who is... Continue Reading →

Lead kindly Light

Sources of Joy - Day 35 There is a well-known hymn: Lead kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloom; Lead Thou me on! The tune of the hymn linked here is not the one I know, but beautiful, anyhow. Just as beautiful is the very recently published collaborative effort of freelance translators giving voice to their own... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Day 34 Yesterday, I won a prize. I shall receive a book in the post. What makes it special is that it is a novel translated from French by a recently-made Facebook friend. The idea of reading it on my forthcoming train trip to Porto appeals. Today I had a lovely... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Days 31—33 I have decided to give the "Sources of Joy" series proper blog titles from now on, with the day count as the subtitle and the URL. I shall be revising the titles of all past posts in this category in the days ahead. That way, I can keep track,... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Days 29 and 30

Communicating When I started out 2014 feeling slightly jaded from the effects of electing to work during the holiday period, and finally got around to formulating a few resolutions two weeks after everyone else, it occurred to me that this year, more than any other, seemed conducive to more open, and more frequent, communication. This is... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 28

Technology, and carrots Receiving sudden, very sad news of the critical state of health of a childhood friend is tempered by the appreciation of the Facebook chat box. The exchange with the healthy brother is Immediate, direct, intensely personal. We share so many links and interconnections, so many years. Words in print don't convey the... Continue Reading →

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