Lead kindly Light

Sources of Joy – Day 35

There is a well-known hymn:

Lead kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom;
Lead Thou me on!

The tune of the hymn linked here is not the one I know, but beautiful, anyhow.

Just as beautiful is the very recently published collaborative effort of freelance translators giving voice to their own voices. Oh! I do celebrate that!

As translators, we often have to temper our passion for how we express ourselves because of the source text, the limitations (or excesses) of the target language, space constraints on the printed page, the brief provided us by the client, the intended target audience, or any number of other strange reasons.

Now, there is a book, The Bright Side of Freelance Translation, compiled and edited by translators Nicole Y Adams and Andrew Morris, where translators have focused on what is brilliant about what they do.

Click on the image below to get your free download copy!


Happy reading!

If you want to search for a particular contributor, and do not know how to seach files in PDF format, click here to find out how.


4 thoughts on “Lead kindly Light

Add yours

    1. You are more than welcome, Nicole!
      If the truth be told, I could not contain myself.

      What is interesting is that the publication as a whole contains a number of common threads, despite the diversity of language pairs, specialisations, cultural and educational backgrounds and ages of the contributors.

      Solitary, studious stoicism (in the name of what?, I ask) has no place in the worlds of opportunity which social media has so freely opened up for us all so that we can exchange information and, just as importantly, experiences.

      Since the publication of The Bright Side, I have thought of a number of translators I know who would probably benefit from a full reading of it. They will be hearing from me privately.

      Would it be possible for you and Andrew to coordinate a “post-publication bulletin board” on The Bright Side website to include submissions from translators who are inspired to share in the future? Just a thought.

      I should go to sleep. I am less talkative that way. 😉


  1. I’ve got the tune of Lead Kindly Light in my head now! (Methodist upbringing… lot to answer for). Lovely observations, Allison and the book’s success is due in no small measure to your contributions


  2. My apologies for the earworm, Andrew. Whenever someone mentions “Methodist” I get an immediate image in my mind of a blue serge suit, for which I shall thank you now.
    I thank you, too, for your kind words, but honestly think you overrate my contribution. The real contribution will come from the response to this collection which you and Nicole have put together – and which I anticipate with eagerness in the months and years ahead.


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