A street light

~Sources of Joy ~ Day 208

I have been logging in my various sources of joy on Facebook instead of here for far too long. It was less time-consuming, and on that platform I do not feel obliged to provide a picture to go with the story. Here is what turned out to be a long story about not much, with lots of pictures.

Such is life on our sleepy little street that I ran outside for the major event of the day: The lamp in the street light was replaced.


I was not the only one who decided that this event was worth witnessing. My neighbour across the road thought so too. A lively little chatterbox, she engaged the driver in conversation while the technician did the work above them.


While I was busy trying to capture the visual beauty of raindrops on rose leaves, I heard her telling the driver that I was from Africa, and that she could not remember where exactly. I pretended I heard nothing while I was taking my photo and being stared at.

Then, the driver spotted the pomegranate tree in my garden and asked if he could pick some. I told him he was welcome to. I went inside and got a plastic bag, and picked some of the best ones for him. He asked me sceptically if I ate them. I assured him that most mornings I drank their juice. Apparently, this excellent source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C (which detail I already knew) is also good for the digestion.  My neighbour went on to say that she has never been able to understand why the trees in my garden have such juicy fruit, yet her tree across the road bears dry specimens. This has been the case for decades. I asked, but she said she did not want any of my big juicy pomegranates today, leaving me flummoxed as why she should mention this oddity in the first place, then.

The lamp replacement was complete and our conversation on pomegranates exhausted. I came inside and got on with really important matters in my really untidy office, which did not include tidying it.

The street light will shine tonight. And there will be more pomegranates on the ground to rake up tomorrow morning after the next bout of rain. No doubt, the arum lilies will be happy.


I must be in a good mood. I am anthropomorphising plants.

In other news, I noticed that my blog has, suddenly, it seems, clocked just over 15,000 hits. Thank you to all who visit!


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