Spare Room

Welcome to the space for guests!

Based on the idea that there is always room for one more at the table, I have created this space for guests to share their contributions.

If you would like to blog here as a guest, please get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to

Contributions can be whatever you want them to be. Obviously, I will use entirely subjective criteria to decide whether I should accept your contributions or not, but your initial approach is welcome all the same!

Think of it as livening up this rather dull photograph of rain falling outside my kitchen window this morning!

Hover your mouse over the “Spare Room” page tag for contributions so far.

Thank you for sharing – sincerely.


2 thoughts on “Spare Room

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  1. Ally, i love love love your blog – you are a word-winged one!
    i’m going to email you three poems i use as literary oxygen-inhalants from time to time (one i wrote in a spurt of inspiration that was ever so delicious and brief)….coming here is like landing in soul-food heaven.
    well done on this exquisite piece of virtual word-reforestation. You are indeed a crafty wordsmith.


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