Breathing space

Sketches in ink - 44-50 For me, being a freelance translator means I know what the date is, and certainly what the time is, but I often forget what day it is. It made so much more sense to me to enjoy a relaxed lunch with João on this day called Thursday than it did... Continue Reading →

Making my own

Sketches in ink - 36 After six years of practice, I am no stranger to hacking through an overgrowth of weeds during winter in the Algarve. In fact, doing just that was an integral part of my embarking upon the journey of learning the Portuguese language; a kind of grassroots approach, if you like. Our... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Days 14 and 15

Festa da São Faustino It does seem a bit of a cop-out to write about two days together, although it does appeal to the non-conformist part of me. I love seeing other people working in cooperation with one another, especially when creativity of an ordinary kind produces something beautiful and shared. It is what makes... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 7

I am getting confused without subtitles to these joyful posts. So I have added a subtitle to each post in this series so far, as a kind of quick reference. Flowers and bicycles I had trouble with the joystick until mid-afternoon, by which time I had dealt with two loads of laundry and removing every... Continue Reading →

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