Sources of Joy – Day 7

I am getting confused without subtitles to these joyful posts. So I have added a subtitle to each post in this series so far, as a kind of quick reference.

Flowers and bicycles

I had trouble with the joystick until mid-afternoon, by which time I had dealt with two loads of laundry and removing every single item of trash from the house. Thereafter, things improved somewhat.

I took time out at the café, and gazed into space until stupefied. Then I remembered I had my camera with me. So I zoomed into the Amaryllis. The result borders on the hyperreal.

If weary, zoom to max.
If weary, zoom to max.

I mused at the three boys riding their bicycles endlessly around the Church square. All three have grown since I saw them doing the same thing last year. And then, serendipity; a good photograph quite by accident:

Could be anywhere. Almost anywhere in Portugal, anyhow.
Could be anywhere. Almost anywhere in Portugal, anyhow.

That’ll do, for one day.


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