Let's see now if we can sort out a few principles. Life is what you make of it. There are certain constraints, but if persistently prodded and poked, most people will eventually succumb, and agree that this statement is generally true. For a moment, let's dispense with the idea of God, or any other higher... Continue Reading →

What is German?

A regular client (agency) sent me 160 words for urgent translation this morning. I opened the document to discover that it was already in English. I sent a quick reply and let her know that even with the best will in the world, translating that short piece into decent German would be impossible for me.... Continue Reading →


For those hailing from southern Africa, or indeed South America where the tree originated, seeing a row of severely pruned Jacaranda trees is painful to the quick. Deformed, naked, stunted, pleading. Weird imitations of  lampposts on this first fine day with spring  in the air. The sky is blue, yet the trees are bare. Weeds... Continue Reading →

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