Raising eyebrows

Day 1: smidgins of joy

Prompted by a friend who remarked that a few of my recent posts have moved her to tears, and faced with the prospect of having to move house in 70 days’ time; I reckoned it was time to poke at the smidgins of joy for a few minutes every day. So, here is Day 1, as posted on Facebook yesterday:

Yesterday’s extreme, dry heat means more plums look and taste like prunes.

I received a bright red stress ball with some swag from a client on Thursday. I live on my own, so I can bounce it annoyingly on my desk as a motivator as often as I like. Or bounce it against the wall and catch it. The high ceiling in my office therefore counts as a smidgin of joy too.

I am a much better writer than the author of my current audiobook. “She raised an eyebrow” is something all four female protagonists have done so far. They also shrug a lot.

I have kept to my resolve so far of sorting through my stuff discarding (throwing out/giving/selling) unnecessary material possessions for at least thirty minutes every day.

A fresh load of 5,000 litres of water in the cistern yesterday. Good. The washing machine is going at full tilt.

This photo of a hanging pumpkin was taken a few days ago. Quite rapid growth has occurred since.

I have British cheddar cheese in my fridge. This is my way of making the most of UK still being in the EU.

Bounce, bounce, bounce. 🙂


©2019 Allison Wright

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