Raised bed

Hours later, I have just realised that somewhere in the back of my mind, I had rehearsed ages ago the steps required to make a framework out of stone for a raised vegetable bed. The inside measurement is 1.25 m by about 1.5 m (perhaps longer), and the rocks are about knee-high, and obvious gaps will be filled in and the top edge will be fashioned so that it is smoother and more or less level.

I say rehearsed, since I have consciously wanted to make a raised vegetable bed out of stone for at least two years. Two years ago, I celebrated life by building a raised bed with sides made of pallets, and that is still going strong. For two years now, I have, I suppose, been thinking about the stone version, since once I had cleared the grass, and uncovered the rocks beneath the plum tree, I seemed to know exactly what to do. For instance, I already knew what internal width I wanted, and seemed to have resolved long ago that I would require no foundation.

No doubt about it, it is hard work, and I was all tuckered out after two and a half hours. I shall have to return to dig up soil and fill the rectangular space on another day.

The main thing is that I have made a start, and the back of my mind can get busy on thinking about other things that need to happen next. I daresay that there could be a few more of these being created in the months ahead.

©2019 Allison Wright

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    1. Spanspek melons to start. By the time I have filled it with soil, the seedlings I have planted in drawers from a discarded chest of drawers found at the rubbish bins, will be ready for transplanting. By the time I have done that, I daresay I shall have fashioned other stone beds, using smaller rocks. I am planning a whole line of them.

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