New road

I think that young poets – the ones who have not yet published their Complete Works ,should be given real jobs with the title Namer of Roads.

If an official Namer of Roads had existed a long time ago, and had been given poetic licence by the community to do her job, then we would not have roads called Rua Nova, literally “new road”. One can be certain that a Namer of Roads would know that roads do not remain new for long, and therefore require a loftier, yet more practical, name.

There are other uninspiring road names: Station Road, High Road, Low Road. There are almost as many Station Roads in Portugal as there are train stations. It is very easy to see why these plain names would have been chosen, but in my arbitrary world, they could just as easily have been called something else which provokes the imagination, or at least a stray thought.

Many of these roads named by non-poets have likely been called these names for several decades at least. The signpost itself is relatively new, and I would guess that it has only been about five years since this part of the Algarve started getting signs like these.

There is a prickly pear cactus in the background, which could lend itself to a road name.

Now that the name of the road has been set in ceramic, I suppose that I still have the option to make a conceptual leap in my own mind, and cut a new path.

©2019 Allison Wright

2 thoughts on “New road

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  1. I think your idea is brilliant. However, and this is perhaps because I am no poet though I do feel a kinship to words and flights of fancy, I would worry if you put someone like me in charge of naming roads. You might get names like Where Dragons Fear to Tread Avenue, Inconvenience Road, The Road Not Taken Road, and the Boulevard of Misfits and Drifters.
    On an interesting note, a street in Toronto is called Avenue Road–how is that for a lack of invention.


  2. In my younger years I was very much influenced by M Scott Peck’s book ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Nowadays, not so much.
    There are some strange names around here where I live, the ones beginning with ‘K’ are named for the State Ships that used to sail between the Eastern States and Western Australia. For eg. Karanga, Kybra, Koolinda, Kabbarli, and so on.

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