Altruism ad absurdum

Being altruistic almost inevitably leads to disappointment. It might take decades for such high-flown principles to become threadbare, but the course is set – by destiny, even. Disappointment is on the cards.

Such disappointment occurs at around 04:11, and might coincide with night thirst, caused by nothing more than sleeping with one’s mouth open in a supreme form of relaxation which might also be a preferred snoring method.

In any case, at 04:11, one does not, as one would expect, begin to examine in a systematic fashion the origins of this disappointment, still less dream up remedies which are likely to bring on a sudden bout of delight. Instead, one’s head fills with trivia, chiefly of the kind found on to-do lists for the following day.

Such trivia is a blessing in disguise, for the tedium of it all induces drowsiness, thus deftly sweeping one off to the realm of dreams, and who cares what else.

Not miserable, but listening and thinking.

©2019 Allison Wright

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