Sketches in ink - 51-52 My landlady gave us these objects of her work and creativity. They are lightly roasted dried figs and almonds. It seemed a pity to cut them up and eat them, but we did. We know what they taste like, you see. I make a mental note to factor in time;... Continue Reading →

La plume de ma tante

Sources of Joy - Day 51 At some point - I forget when - during my teenage years, my favourite aunt gave me her Parker 51 fountain pen. I see from the Wikipedia reference that it was the "vacumatic" model. It was exactly like the top one pictured there. For many left-handers, fountain pens present... Continue Reading →

A bowl of cherries

Or, in my case, as I write, a bowl of dried figs, removed from the freezer and cut in half to facilitate chomping. I am definitely a proponent of the "no crumbs in my keyboard" philosophy which fellow translator Emma Goldsmith introduced in the recent video discussion while being interviewed by fellow translator and agency... Continue Reading →

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