Tablets and birthday cards

After we had had coffee at the café nearby, a friend came to my apartment for the first time yesterday in what has been a series of serendipitous encounters.

I had worked rapidly all morning to meet her at lunchtime. Just before I left I was frantically trying to find some itsy-bitsy little thing which falls into the general category of “office things”.  I hauled all manner of little boxes and tins out of the cupboard in an effort to locate the itsy-bitsy item to no avail. I left home with my office table in disarray.

It was a delight to discover very recently that this friend produces art on her tablet. She had downloaded and paid for a drawing app which lends force to her natural (though never mentioned) talent.

Her first impression of my office, and her general impression of me, has been neatly captured in her tablet drawing of me below:

Lori's pic of me as she accurately imagine me early in the morning of my 49th birthday

Judging from other work she has produced, this was a quick sketch by someone with a keen eye, and full of just the right kind of cheekiness. I love the Red Bull (play on the word, seeing as I am full of it), the mouse whom I cannot do without, with one for company, sitting upon a sizeable stack of cigarettes, the precise dimensions of my coffee cup, my waistcoat, pot of pens, and yes, even the angle of my right shoulder.

The most uncanny thing is that I said exactly what it is the speech balloon at a very, very early hour this morning…

Oh! that we did not have to say that such things were uncanny!

Leave a comment if you want to see more of my friend’s art here. I am twisting her arm, but not really getting anywhere.


6 thoughts on “Tablets and birthday cards

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    1. My friend has agreed – in principle, as they say – to produce something else for me to post here.
      I am thinking of living on love and fresh air from now on, so that I can read, absorb and fully appreciate the fine articles on your blog which beg serious thought, Valerij. Occasionally, I think blog reading full time would be a wonderful thing!


  1. Very good, and I recognise that desk as mine (except for the cits) when I have just tidied it. I hope you have had a good birthday. BTW I can’t claim credit for the smiley card, I only selected that. But I do take full credit for the orchid one – my photography.


    1. With all those extra hard drives on your desk, Sheila, you do not have space for cigarettes.
      If I survive my birthday tot of Licor Beirão in a minute, I shall embark this evening on a serious streamlining of office – ahem – procedures.
      The orchid has not graced my inbox yet, if that is where you sent it.


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