Rehash for the press

In my previous post, I did something I never thought I would do: I reblogged.

I will justify it by saying that I found something that really appealed to me at

The newspaper clipping generator is fabulous! It creates a facsimile of a newspaper article using your very own story. This is a great fresh idea for language teaching.

I thought I would try it out for myself.

At the prompt, “Enter your story”, I wondered what I would write.  Then I remembered that I had a file saved somewhere called “chapter something”. So, bent on entering an instant story, I found the file, copied and pasted, and chopped a few bits out. The resultant clipping did not manage to capture all the words. Not very satisfactory, if you want closure on what you read.

I had to find something short. A very short story. I went to one of my very early blogs, and found one. I fiddled about for a bit, and finally got it down to 160 words, which fitted into the two columns perfectly. More importantly, it is a story – with a beginning, a middle, and an end!

I think I shall have to use the newspaper clipping generator to get rid of unnecessary guff more often. Taken to the point of absurdity, of course, this may result in a five-page novel. Good. Less ink!


3 thoughts on “Rehash for the press

  1. I’ll figure out that text widget too.
    Okay, that clarity, that is the spec your trained eye doesn’t miss.
    You describe yourself. : ) Saves me the trouble. : )
    You’re friend it now on twitter. Hope she writes more.


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