Personalised smoking

This post is about smoking. For the benefit of those who are fiercely anti-tobacco, reformed smokers, or under the legal age to smoke, I should be patently clear: I am not advocating the smoking of cigarettes. I shall not discuss the health issues. I will get other comments out of the way quickly. It is... Continue Reading →

Rehash for the press

In my previous post, I did something I never thought I would do: I reblogged. I will justify it by saying that I found something that really appealed to me: a nifty newspaper clipping generator! It creates a facsimile of a newspaper article using your very own story. This is a great fresh idea for language... Continue Reading →

I had to share this because it really is fun!

I should also confess, I suppose, to tweaking a paragraph or two of my own from previous blogs, in an attempt to get a coherent story to fit in the two small columns of the newspaper .jpg. file. A good exercise!



Here’s a fun way to blend digital and analog. It’s a newspaper story generator. Just type in the title of your newspaper, the date, and the headline. Then type your story. The Newspaper Clipping Generator will then generate an analog newspaper image, which you can download as a jpg file.

The same site has other types of generators, too. Click on the red links at the top of that page. You can make cats speak (or owls, squirrels, tomatoes…):

Create your own Animation

Or a movie clapperboard:

Or a little wizard writing a (very short) note:

There are a couple of other generators, too. Give them a try, and then try embedding the pictures or mini-animations on your Summer Notebook blogs.

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