Scatterling, the book

A potted story of me so far

As memoirs go, mine are intentionally short.

They are composed of 45 stories. Each story is around 150 words long and has a cartoon drawing to go with it. This is about the right size of book for the kind of life I have had so far. I was very fortunate indeed to make the acquaintance of artist Toni Le Busque, whose insight and naughtiness were applied appropriately throughout – and heartily endorsed by me.

The book is a present to myself on the occasion of my fabulous fiftieth birthday. It will be self-published on Completely Novel, a UK-based company whose support team is helpful and professional.

You can read Scatterling  within the next 48 hours.

I shall collect the proofing copy from the Post Office on Monday. Once that is checked, I shall click the “publish” button, and let you all know!

For now, you will have to make do with a smattering:
(Click on any image to get the gallery started.)

The real book has large print and is the ideal book to provide as compulsory reading in
your guest bathroom. If you don’t want your friends visiting your home just to read my
book in your bathroom, then get them to buy their own copy – or buy one for them.

Here is an informal review (written on the inside of my  birthday card) received from a friend who got a pre-publication PDF for her private enjoyment:
J - Scatterling_review_0001

Toni also wanted to say something (more fully explained on her blog):

We met online, and we worked online on Allison’s life and now, after all the drawings and stories and conversations, I know Allison well enough to know that I really want to get to know her better. And go to Portugal.
Because drawing someone’s life isn’t just a job.
You get involved.
You get more stories, more than are in the book.
Once someone starts to tell you about their life, you want more detail, need more detail to add the little bits that make the author feel that you know them —such as the hat Allison’s dad wore, the sort of dress her mum liked, whether the kids dressed the same when they were young, how tall her grandfather was. All of these pieces of information help me to visually build someone’s life, but then it gets me über-curious and involved. I come to know someone and it’s a happy, happy thing.
It was great when Allison got so excited when the drawings were just what she wanted, and very rewarding to know how much she loved them.

It really was fun working with Toni.  She’ll be publishing my thoughts on this very special experience in due course.

Did I mention that Labradors feature quite a lot in the book?

Coming soon! Text copyright © 2014 by Allison Wright Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Toni Le Busque
Coming soon!
SCATTERLING – A potted story of me so far
Text copyright © 2014 by Allison Wright
Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Toni Le Busque 


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