A bowl of cherries

Or, in my case, as I write, a bowl of dried figs, removed from the freezer and cut in half to facilitate chomping. I am definitely a proponent of the "no crumbs in my keyboard" philosophy which fellow translator Emma Goldsmith introduced in the recent video discussion while being interviewed by fellow translator and agency... Continue Reading →

You know what thought did

"But, I thought..." Whenever we uttered this as children, some adult or other would invariably reply, "Well, you know what thought did." This was a very long-winded way of saying "shut up",  but it worked. We were quiet. End of argument. Then one day, when I was at university, walking along the road with a friend,... Continue Reading →

Oddities – the 2014 version

Here are a few oddities: I have been rushed off my feet with work since before Christmas, yet I have been taking stock. I love my sleep, yet I have not had very much of it – unless you count the last four nights. I have many plans, but no concrete plan in place for 2014.... Continue Reading →

Stray thoughts for day one

Today These two daisies - one white and one purple, both fully open for the first time - greeted me as I gazed out of the kitchen window this morning. Neither has any thought for yesterday, yet without the sum of all yesterdays neither would be here today. The same is true of me -... Continue Reading →

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