Buckets of colour

I have never categorically admitted to having a bucket list.

One item on that bucket list is quite complicated really. It involves mural art. I am not an artist in the professional sense of the word, although some would say a rather rigorous critic!

Apart from the fact that right now I need to use my talent for translation to earn my living, one other hitch is that I have yet to achieve the status of homeowner.

The latter restriction prevents me from being known as that crazy woman up the hill with the multicoloured house.

My vision of a dream house includes open courtyards and verandahs with vast, smooth exterior walls. It includes long weekends spent with guests in dungarees and overalls, armed only with paint brushes, inspiration, and buckets of colour all chipping in with their creativity. There are ladders, and scaffolding, and umbrellas, and an enormous table laden with food and drink. There is music and singing, and an abundance of good ideas.

This dream came to the fore today when I happened to read Ana Livingston’s blog diary on her mural experience. I know it is not everybody’s dream. I know it is not going to happen tomorrow, and may not happen any time soon.

In theory, however, it is possible. Just as, against all odds, and against my better judgement, I decided to emblazon an abstract thought in gloss enamel paint on the interior wall of student digs I once inhabited.

This was the result:

Allison Wright, 1986, student digs, Grahamstown, South Africa.
I was studying for my French Honours degree. 🙂

I suppose I could get on with some preparatory sketches now, so that I am ready when the dream house materialises. 🙂


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    1. I am not sure that the constant scrutiny of my inquisitive yet artistically untalented neighbour would provide the ambience I seek when being “creative”! She does, however, take an awfully long time to get up in the mornings…


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