Tablets and birthday cards

After we had had coffee at the café nearby, a friend came to my apartment for the first time yesterday in what has been a series of serendipitous encounters. I had worked rapidly all morning to meet her at lunchtime. Just before I left I was frantically trying to find some itsy-bitsy little thing which falls... Continue Reading →

Having fun

I am the main reason that in our household there is no such thing as leftover chocolate, spare biscuits, or unwanted cake. It is therefore remarkable that I have managed to save my Savage Chickens moment for a whole week longer than necessary so that it coincided with my birthday. My version of spoiling myself. Over... Continue Reading →

A messy business

We like nonsense rhymes precisely because they make no sense. They allow the rhymer lee-way to exercise (in this case) his wit. They allow listeners to hold their breath in anticipation of the next amusing thing. The first few lines of Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussy Cat are a case in point: The Owl... Continue Reading →

Ten minute interlude

You probably think I am being lazy, or have lost interest. Perhaps you think I have simply run out of steam? Conversely, you may think that I am overworked. You might think I have gone on holiday to a wild, remote place. What a lovely sense of humour you have! No, none of the above.... Continue Reading →

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