Numerically fitting, more or less

51 is the number of years of marriage my parents celebrated today. I skyped the happy couple in Australia from Portugal. Full of the joys of spring, they are.

5,000 is the number that ticked over on the counter today, which tells me how many visits there have been to this blog since I migrated to WordPress last year. Thank you to all who keep coming back. Welcome, if today is your first time!

Pennsylvania 6-5000: One of the many Glenn Miller numbers I like. My parents used to dance so well to this music, and I should mention my father was a much better dancer than Mr Miller. It tickled me pink that the Youtube video below has Portuguese subtitles.


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    1. No, my parents hail from southern Africa, but emigrated from Zimbabwe in November 2008 to live with my younger sister and family in Brisbane. My partner and I emigrated to Portugal one month before that. My father’s brother has lived in Australia since his early twenties, married an Australian, and I have Australian cousins, and now, it seems semi-Australian nieces and a nephew. I gather Australia beat Sri Lanka in a recent cricket match. They all get offended when I say that at least Australia beat someone. Does that make them Australian, I wonder?


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