What’s a penguin?

I am aware of the irony of using electronic media to talk about aspects of the electronic media, in this case a recent development on that social media network, Facebook.

The latter organisation has introduced a cool new thing: we can now pepper our comments with more emoticons than I ever knew existed.

My question is: What on earth do you use a penguin for?

I mean, really!

Until now I have restricted my use of emoticons to the smiley, the goody that winks, and the big grin.

I do like using the animated roly-poly rolling-all-over-the-place-including-the-floor smiley in Skype instant messaging when appropriate.

These symbols have their uses – and a readily understood meaning. But what use is a penguin?

Does a penguin <(“) mean anything?

I do not know. I have nevertheless adopted the penguin as the final mark on most of my Facebook comments since yesterday, I think.

For the time being, this is what passes for amusement, since no one really knows why the penguin is there. Neither do I. It just is.

Am I being rude, do you think?

Is it too cutesy for someone who is approaching one of several possible grand climacterics in her life?

I do not know.  But there he or she stands, as if he or she is about to roll my last full stop under his or her legs as if it were a precious egg.

Except the darned graphic does not have any feet. This is not a “Happy Feet” penguin. It is a blob penguin with no feet and no real meaning.

We have a symbol for which there is no meaning.

Time was, we had meanings for which there were no symbols.

Do you suppose that this penguin-blob could be the sound of one hand clapping in disguise?

Well, how disappointing, if that is the case.


If you know what a penguin means, please enlighten me. <(“)


P.S. Pac-Man :v is quite fun too. 🙂


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