Freshly processed

So you all think I am going to describe various fruit juice crazes throughout my life?

Not today.

I am expressing myself with an experimentally processed photograph thanks to suggestions on Circa Dee’s freshly pressed blog today. I took this photograph yesterday at a Medieval Festival at Castro Marim.

Castro Marim is in the south of Portugal on the border with Spain, and on the banks of the Guadiana River. The festival took place within a castle which dates back to the Middle Ages. It was fun to relax and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells, sometimes all at once!

The most noteworthy aspect of this photo in my mind is that it now has my blog address on it. 🙂

Musicians in the street, taking a breather from close-up entertainment of friends.

I think I went for the overly bright colours in an attempt to convey the liveliness of the music. This was a moment in between moments of great hilarity. This photograph is perhaps an odd choice to use to convey the idea of “festival”.

The photograph in the raw, so to speak, may well have been better off without the many random effects I added. Equally, it may have been better to forget about it entirely. Forgive me, I am learning.


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