Footprints in moon dust

Neil Armstrong, first to set foot on moon, dies at 82 | The Columbus Dispatch.

Virtual Reality Phase of the Moon
1969 July 20, 0 hrs UT

Impossible to be sad, really.

This single fact of history, that Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Moon, did more the ignite people’s imagination than anything else in Sixties. And that’s saying something.

I remember the crackly radio broadcast. I was five years old.

Now, as then, I am still in awe and wonder. I have followed the phases of the Moon in a non scientific way ever since.


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  1. This morning one of our local portals ( posts a heading — “The moon is crying” — which brought back the wonder and unreality of the moment. We had no TV at the time, watched it at our neighbor’s and went home feeling that “our” world had changed. I wonder how many people felt the same way when Colombus returned from his trip? I imagine it must have permeated much more slowly.


    1. How wonderful, Lucia, that at least in Uruguay someone gave a thought as to how the Moon felt about Neil Armstrong dying. I have a feeling he whizzed past there to doff his cap once he shed his mortal coil. 🙂


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