Bloody, bold, and resolute

No, no, no.

I am not falling for this Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doomapocalypse Redux).

There will be no bucket list for 2013 here, although obviously I have got goals not achieved carried forward from 2012, and some entirely new ones I have recently thought up.

I do not care about the apocalypse, whether it occurs in three months’ time, or tomorrow. Nevertheless, please tell everyone that I will probably arrive a little late, as is my habit for most social occasions. The same applies to my funeral, whenever that may be.

Lack of Excitement List:

Priority No. 1:
I have to find an “integrated care facility” for my partner of 25 years as a matter of some urgency. She has Multiple Sclerosis. I can no longer cope with caring for her and earning a living at the same time. 2012 was a struggle and a half for me – not to mention the struggles she has experienced. This necessity radically stuffs up one’s worldview. Thanks to true friends who have helped me through the anguish of it all so far. Initial enquiries have been made.

Immediate improvement in my marketing skills, in Portuguese, moreover. What I need to do is find a warm, loving, caring institution to welcome the idea of caring for a cheeky 55-year-old woman whose disability rating was 70% two years ago, before the MS progressed. This is the same woman who told me when I was a little green bean that to be an effective salesperson, you have to imagine you are selling butter, but get the customer to believe it is gold. Pure gold. Sure. I shall bear that in mind.

Enormous amount of talking, paper work, and probably, additional financial outlay. None of this is likely to be offset by a major Euromillions lottery win.

twenty-five years and a bit later - Aug 2012

Excitement List

Priority No. 1: 
2013 International Conference, June 8 – June 9 2013
Only translators who have always wanted to go to one of these events, but have never been able to, will understand. This year, the conference takes place in Portugal, a mere five hours away from where I live. I am going. Yup. Yes, I am. Yippee! What a happy little piglet I shall be.

Pay. Use planning skills to ensure even distribution of workload surrounding these dates. Catch the right train. Put feet up. Get off at the right stop. That last one is easy – the destination is at the end of the line.

At the very least, I shall be talkative. Oh, and I plan to meet peeps and learn heaps.

Middle of the Road List

OK, I promise I’ll buck up this year, and take a few weekends off.

À propos of Nothing List

Lady Macbeth was a bit of a harridan, wasn’t she? I mean, look how she spoke to her husband!

Be bloody, bold and resolute; laugh to scorn
The power of man, for none of woman born
Shall harm Macbeth!

No, I am not giving up!— I am quoting Shakespeare from memory, so don’t get your knickers in a knot if I got it wrong.

Just do what Lady Macbeth suggests: never mind everybody else, just get on with it and keep going!

Best wishes for 2013!


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  1. How sad, Allison re Joao. All I can do is wish you sterkte, to vasbyt, to persevere, to fight tooth and nail, to gird your loins (lol), to buy the correct Euro Lottery ticket…as my dearest departed father always told me..”Never leave out the number 9″ – I wish you lucky nines, girl and sending lots of love your way.


    1. Yes, this not very little list has sub-lists. The nitty-gritty will certainly need waves of gentleness, which I receive gladly, along with the accompanying dollops of strength. Thank you. (I have just realised that addressed you by a name that is not your name on your most recent post; I am sorry. I must have been thinking of my Chinese student – I teach her English – a silent phonetic jumbling going on in my head. I promise I won’t do it again!)


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