Savage talk and TED

Yay! Today is Savage Chickens day! In tribute to this excellent cartoonist who manages to fit drawings and words onto a yellow Post-it®, I slavishly follow Doug Savage's copyright rules which state that as one of the other 7 billion-odd people in the world, I am permitted to copy one of his images every thirty days. How wonderful it... Continue Reading →

Another “lost in translation” found

Lost In Translation. This is an interesting article from a reader's perspective. We translators will always do better to remember the audience for whom we are translating. Allison

Licker of Bowls, that’s me

I could not resist this mini-post. It is a mini-post because this photograph is very small: This is one of the fun things my nieces in Australia are preparing for a Dr Seuss birthday party being held for the triplets in their neighbourhood. They help the parents, along with a whole roster of others, with... Continue Reading →

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