125,000 words, and then some.

I had such fun liaising with Catherine Jan on my recent guest post on her blog, Catherine Translates. It was a pleasure working with a fellow translator who knows her stuff. At the risk of creating one of those dreaded circular references so often found in Excel spreadsheets, here is the link: http://www.catherinetranslates.com/translating-large-volume-book-connections-corrections/

I have made the decision not to post this article elsewhere, or to publish other, longer, versions.

One additional remark: No CAT* tools, or actual cats, were harmed during the translation of this book or in the writing of the article. I murdered several gallons of coffee though, I should think.


* CAT is the acronym for Computer Aided Translation. This is probably a very old joke too.

The word in bold appeared in the previous post

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