There is always something that falls between the cracks.

This is the primary reason I beat myself extra hard on the chest during the “mea culpa” part of Confession at Mass today.

The sin?

Failure to return a library book within the time required.

It is, however, the penance rather than the sin itself which has me knickers in a knot.

In a beautifully written letter almost as gracious and poetic as the book itself, I am reminded that the rules of the library state that I am not permitted to take out another library book for a period equal to the number of days the book has been outstanding.

To my surprise, I have clocked up 188 days of sin.

I received the letter on Saturday. I have had all of today – Sunday – to contemplate my negligence. The library is closed on Mondays. I shall be there on Tuesday morning, dressed in sackcloth.

Rather ironically, the title of the book by Margarida Rebelo Pinto is Diário da tua Ausência – in English – “Diary of your Absence”.


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