Vine to Wine Circle – launch

The BETA version  of the Vine to Wine Circle portal was launched today. This portal contains the entire contents of the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal as translated from the German in 2011, plus a substantial amount of additional material translated last year from the Portuguese.

Click on the logo below to go to the portal:

Vine to Wine Circle

In effect, two books’ worth of research material has been published on the Internet for free by the author and coordinator, Hans Jörg Böhm. Don’t you think that is an amazing achievement?

Some articles still require translation from the Portuguese. You have plenty to read in the meantime. You also have three languages to choose from: German, Portuguese, and English.

Allison, the translator.
(Excited, but busy on something else at the moment.)

4 thoughts on “Vine to Wine Circle – launch

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  1. Thank you, Eliz. For all the stamina and attention to detail required, I still feel like a tiny (cute, round, and infinitely holdable!) pebble in an enormous cosmic pond.
    Angst over typos too, that my back office access does not give me permission to change before anyone else notices. (I need to communicate these in Portuguese to the website designers via e-mail.) I imagine everyone spots these errors immediately, as I often do.


  2. Dear Alison, I once in my life was a vine grower for 16 years. I do appreciate wines and try drink them regularly. Thank you for posting your portal. I will read it slowly in order to enjoy it. I teach German, so I will learn even more! With my best regards and wishes of a very good new year! Eduardo Reis


    1. Dear Eduardo,
      I am glad you like the portal. I have to correct you, however, for the portal is not mine; I merely translated it into English.
      It is the work of Hans Jörg Böhm – known as Jorge Böhm in Portugal -of PLANSEL, SA in the Alentejo, and his contributing collaborators over many years.
      Desejo igualmente um muito bom ano!!


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