“Be Italian!”

The quotation in the title comes from a song, from the 2009 musical film, Nine, sung by singer Fergie. In the film she plays the part of Saraghina. The song is giving advice to pubescent boys on how to make a woman happy in a delightfully sensuous way, if one ignores all associated stereotypes about... Continue Reading →

Such love

I should not have done that. I should not have opened one of the few repositories of mementos I have - an old leather writing case which was once a favourite of my mother's - to look for an appropriately elegant bookmark for a gem of a book I'm reading. The book has a history... Continue Reading →


What better way to welcome a hot Monday afternoon following the hottest day on record this summer in my corner of the Algarve than to witness an Irish bride and bridesmaids alighting from hired vintage cars at the door of the São Sebastião Church - which dates back to 1759, by the way - in... Continue Reading →


Summer can be blamed.As an habitual workaholic, I find it enormously worrying when the heat of the day provokes in me a lack of desire to do anything but lie  down and go to sleep. Perhaps all that is required is for me to acclimatise to the summer temperatures  and resist with determination the soporific... Continue Reading →

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