Shifting gear, with moonbeams

It is not just me. Confirmation of my own stirrings as subtle shifts in our natural surrounding herald the changing of the seasons abound. Such confirmations abound chiefly in the status updates of the people on Facebook whom I call my friends. They are a diverse and much beloved bunch scattered across the globe. Although... Continue Reading →

Horace and the Daily Constitutional

"O fons Bandusiae" is the entirety of what I remember of this ode from Horace. In my mind it is linked to possibly the worst head cold I ever had in my life during an examination, and a rather strange "D" symbol next to the word "Latin" on my O-level result slip back in the... Continue Reading →

In search of a red hat

The only possible excuse for my not already owning a deep red fedora is that I am not fond of shopping. I am certainly not fond of shopping for a particular item. Indeed, I liken the recent formal necessity for navy blue shoes to having an aspirin dissolve in one's mouth before it can be... Continue Reading →

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