Dynamic Views on International Translators’ Day

Blogger has introduced "dynamic view" templates. Looks like I shall have to illustrate every blog if I use the new view. This would defeat the objective of writing to create a picture in the first place.The dynamic view does not look very dynamic, because the gadget sidebar was entirely eliminated. I have return to the... Continue Reading →

In search of a red hat

The only possible excuse for my not already owning a deep red fedora is that I am not fond of shopping. I am certainly not fond of shopping for a particular item. Indeed, I liken the recent formal necessity for navy blue shoes to having an aspirin dissolve in one's mouth before it can be... Continue Reading →

The original fish

The earliest memory I have of my integrity being called into question was when I was twelve. Our headmaster took one class a week called "Creative Writing". I do believe this lesson was supposed to teach us to use our imagination at the very stage when most of us stand on the painful cusp of... Continue Reading →

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