I had intended this post to be an account of a visit long ago to the home and workshop of world-famous Ghanaian fashion designer, Kofi Ansah. I scribbled the detail over a decade ago, and was recently reminded of this visit by a sculpture I saw which bore some similarity to something this man had... Continue Reading →


Editing and proofreading should be paid more on account of the monotony factor. I have survived the most recent doctoral thesis to tell the tale. Some interesting ideas were contained therein. I see from my draft blogs that I must have, at some point late one night, had a private rant, the edited version of... Continue Reading →

Horace and the Daily Constitutional

"O fons Bandusiae" is the entirety of what I remember of this ode from Horace. In my mind it is linked to possibly the worst head cold I ever had in my life during an examination, and a rather strange "D" symbol next to the word "Latin" on my O-level result slip back in the... Continue Reading →

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