We are housesitting. I am sitting with my partner in front of a nice log fire. There is a little dog curled up in its basket close by wondering where her normal people have got to. We have had Muscatel this evening, and even the repeat wildlife documentary on the television seems soothing. How romantic!... Continue Reading →

What do you know?

A friendly challenge was issued by one of my real life friends on Facebook, and I quote, "Give me two facts about Beirut without recourse to the Internet or encyclopaedias or newspaper or interrogation of friends".I thought she was seeking to prove a point: we are all far too dependent upon reference works, and chiefly,... Continue Reading →

The Neurologist

It is Monday morning 09:20. João and I find ourselves at Faro Hospital for her appointment with her neurologist, the first in eight months. She has relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis finally diagnosed seventeen years ago and has been taking daily Copaxone(R) injections for about two years. She is on a downward slide, yet as Rousseau said,... Continue Reading →

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