Old things

Sketches in ink – 39

My sheepskin slippers are an essential part of my translation toolkit. Occasionally, they wear out. Invariably, I take months to replace them, despite a gaping hole in the toe of one, and the resultant lack of warmth.

I suppose I should be embarrassed, but I am not. I was, however, delighted with a birthday gift received today from my English student and friend, who knows my home well – and has quite often arrived here to find me in my ridiculous slippers, with the rest of me dressed perfectly normally. This afternoon, for example, I was still in my Sunday best, except for the footwear , when I opened the front door.

I immediately discarded the holey pair, and put on the new ones and thus became re-acquainted with the true meaning of comfort. There is no photo; I may try my hand at drawing the old pair soon.

Instead, I shall leave you with this image of an abandoned ruin seen on my walk yesterday, and not too far from where I live.  I found it rather appealing, in an old slippers kind of way.

©2015, Allison Wright


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