That was silly

My apologies, everyone. It was very silly indeed to change my blog's theme and think it would only take ten minutes to sort it out. As far as blogging goes, I am essentially - as depicted above - not here. I shall turn the search bar on. That'll help until I have some time to... Continue Reading →

A twittery bunch

Twitter for business: how translators and interpreters use Twitter. It seems strange to reblog something about Twitter on WordPress, but Gala Gil Amat's recent survey is intended to be shared across platforms...

The Scatterling series – 6 & 7

Another mini-break in my big editing job. The wave of early evening heat makes me conscious once again that I never made it to the shower today. I arose shortly after sunrise, eager to take advantage of the cool air and quiet. Suddenly, it is almost sunset; another day gone, another schedule rendered fluid by... Continue Reading →

The Scatterling series – 4 & 5

The process of completion of my tax return and what I found to be a demanding online course within a few short days has led me to make some unusual correlations with regarding to the next two stories in my little book. The first one is guaranteed to make vegetarians squeamish and carnivores blanch at... Continue Reading →

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