All around my hat

We were conference-bound, and high-speed conversation bounced back and forth for almost the entire duration until we reached our destination.

Collaboration Essentials

For reasons beyond me, I did not apply the "do it now" directive to publishing the handout version of a presentation given in June 2016 on Collaboration Essentials. Here it is now. Please click on the image below to download the PDF– and remember to respect copyright: ©2016-2018 Allison Wright  

Those private jeans

Just in case you were worried about data privacy on That elusive pair of jeans on, I am pleased to announce that they have been clad in a GDPR Privacy Policy, as has my translation website at Allison Wright Translations. Read to the end of the Privacy Policy for this website for your treat.... Continue Reading →

Digital territory

I shall be addressing these issues at METM18 in October in a presentation entitled When your name's on it: marking your digital territory: When does sharing become stealing? When is tweeting not cool? What can you do to curtail bad practise and raise awareness without raising hackles on social media? What do you do if... Continue Reading →

Golden Notes memento

Just a quick note (pardon the pun) directed at Aptrad's 2nd International Conference attendees, and placed here just in case you are not a frequent visitor to its Facebook event page. Click on the link in this paragraph to discover what you have to do to receive your memento  for the "Golden Notes" presentation given... Continue Reading →

Shore to shore

The water came wave by rolling wave to take our love thus written into the endless sea for always.

Randy Crawford, you rock

Knocking out a blog at speed versus knocking a blog out of the ball park seemed to be the chief controversy.

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