Shore to shore


While I sprinted barefoot into the curve of the bay on the hard beach sand pounded flat by the ebbing tide, that’s what my beloved who stayed behind wrote on the shore with—just in case— the one crutch that accompanied us on holiday.

I returned soon enough, and encircled those words—LOVE OF MY LIFE—with a heart shape etched step-wise with my foot. I drew seagull’s wings too.

We splashed away in the small waves. We swam. And then we sat on the bank above our work of art and watched the horizon as the water came wave by rolling wave to take our love thus written into the endless sea for always.

Always is forever, or about twenty-five years as the seagull flies. Today, another beach, a different sea. And the lone seagull’s wings are waves of grief on a sunny day.

©2018 Allison Wright


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