Briefly overcast

It is not as early as all that, but today is overcast, and possibly only for the next half hour. The air is cool on my skin and a welcome relief from the torturous summer month of August during which time I did not got to the beach. The first thing to do, as a matter of priority, was to check on the progress of one of two reddening tomatoes in what promises to be a bumper crop. The revision of a translation due today can wait a few minutes.

It is not about the tomatoes, really. It is about me. And seeing the the passers-by at this early hour: the old woman taking her constitutional walk, and the young fellow on his way to the bus stop. Oh, and birdsong sounding my joy at this special moment when the day turns, for I have not yet uttered a sound in my solitude.


©2018 Allison Wright

Note: This little blog post was a “five plus five”: five timed minutes of writing, followed by five minutes of reading through and/or fiddling about to get the blog post posted. Today, I was lucky, since all I changed was punctuation.


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