Red-letter day

Day 7: smidgins of joy

Food colouring as smidgins of joy.

Yesterday, I took ten minutes to make a small depression in the block from a discarded pallet manufactured by La Palette Rouge. I poured the vestiges of food colouring from plastic vials of red, blue and yellow on the block, and was pleased with the result.

Pride in pallet-block form as a pedestal for a stress ball. Fine art it is not, but I like it anyway.

It is also a source of a wee bit of joy to inform you that the word “block” falls into the category of pallet terminology.

It gave me real joy to pick three spaghetti squash from my raised vegetable bed and promptly give them away as a thank you to those who supplied me with used coffee grounds and old cartons.

Spaghetti squash and red tomatoes on a red and white dish towel

I have only just noticed the preponderance of red in my life yesterday. Purely coincidental. I’ll count that as joyous.

©2019 Allison Wright

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