Crunch time

Day 12: smidgins of joy

Smidgins of joy in biscuit form.

I discovered something new today: the joy to be had from putting melty white chocolate in between two Marie biscuits and biting into them with my eyes closed.

As you can imagine, the heavens opened up and showered sweet inspiration all around. I saw rainbows, and the occasional star. As you can tell, this new confection has the side-effect of causing the consumer to exaggerate.

Chocolate? Biscuits? What happened to all the vegetables and fruit so often mentioned here? They exist, and indeed, I had watermelon for breakfast. It’s just that it is crunch time, with an interim deadline tomorrow. I might have a biscuit emergency tonight and I need to be prepared.

The chocolate was incidental; something to do before my entertaining driving lesson this morning with a different instructor who offered me a different perspective. He’s a good teacher, and I told him so. Most of the chocolate melted in my bag during the two-hours I was getting last-minute tips for tomorrow’s test.

No photo of my new junk-food discovery. I had to act on the urgency of the situation, you understand, and consume it immediately.

Marie biscuits get my vote as the one thing that can be eaten while at the keyboard that does not require you to get up and wash your hands. Also, I can eat a helluva lot of Marie biscuits before feeling ill. I know this from years of experience of spending long hours at the desk. Marie biscuits are a kind of lucky charm in times of pressure, I suppose. Chocolate, not so much.

#pumpkinwatch: Hanging pumpkin, about 25cm wide at its circumference and still growing.

I have left you with a photo taken in the midday sun yesterday of the vegetable that truly is a joy to behold as it grows: the pumpkin. This one’s name is Pun since it has no kin. The little ones on the vine fell to the ground during the incredibly strong winds the other night.

©2019 Allison Wright

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  1. That’s bizarre, Marie biscuits are one of the types that make me feel sick before I’ve even finished the first one! I do, on the other hand, have a bar of chocolate on my desk at all times for emergencies (but it’s 85% chocolate, so it doesn’t count).


    1. Excellent excuse regarding the 85% cocoa content (!) and therefore less fat, which is the irritant for you. I generally have a diet low in fat, so when my body sees butter-rich biscuits, it’s ecstatic.


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