Fooking kittens revisited

I am extremely allergic to cats. I do not need any advice as to how to deal with this fact.  It is quite simple: cats must stay away from me. That way, the cats will be happier, and I will be alive.

Meh, and the fuck-it generation

They have been validated by the sophistry that everything is defined by how the egocentric individual feels about it.

Rule No 6

Always wondered how many ways you had to try before it worked. I never tried to leave my lover, although I did fancy hopping on a bus occasionally.

Why make presentations?

Clearly, the rational human being has no say in this decision; the ego merely forces her to submit a proposal with haste.

This much

She tossed the card aside, without looking at the loving message inside.

Hotel oranges

Instant gratification won over perfection, for the oranges were freshly picked from our tree and very sweet.


Greek gods have been awfully busy spilling their immortal lifeblood.

The purpose of boots

Sometimes, even as a freelance translator who is free to wear her boots as often as she likes in her semi-rural home village, business comes before comfort. That's okay, I have boots for business meetings in big cities too.


What better way to welcome a hot Monday afternoon following the hottest day on record this summer in my corner of the Algarve than to witness an Irish bride and bridesmaids alighting from hired vintage cars at the door of the São Sebastião Church - which dates back to 1759, by the way - in... Continue Reading →

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