What a lovely surprise! I am still trying to cope with the severely skewed statistics. 😉 Allison

Zorf and his anatomy

I bought two black pens today. I had to try them out. Zorf appears here and here so far. Theodora and Zorf share the same birthday. What can I say? Their stars collided. They were destined to meet! Allison

Ein Amerikaner und ein Hamburger betraten einen Diner…

Summer is almost over. I shall have to curtail my blogging activities, as I look forward to a mountain of work in the months ahead. I am toying with the idea of really short blogs, though. I shall leave you with this bit of silliness: I recently learned that at least one American diner exists... Continue Reading →

Zorf and his scarf

At least the characters have names. No character yet, to speak of. Just names.       Allison

Three strikes and you’re human

I have just had to prove I am human once again. I thought I did that every day. Today, I did was unable to manage it to satisfaction. Twice. Someone on a translation mailing list which I first joined in the previous millennium posted a link to her blog. I felt moved to post a... Continue Reading →

Fresh-cut flowers

Here is what I know about flowers: To dry a bunch of flowers, you must tie them and hang them upside down in a dry draughty place for quite a long time. In the fresh-cut flower industry there are two positions in which flowers are handled; lying flat and upright. In the field they grow... Continue Reading →

You look familiar

I am sure most people have been told that they look familiar at least once in their lives upon meeting a stranger. The trouble is that this used to happen to me a lot in my early twenties. This used to upset me because my childhood indoctrination, religious and otherwise, had taught me that I... Continue Reading →

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