Three strikes and you’re human

I have just had to prove I am human once again. I thought I did that every day. Today, I did was unable to manage it to satisfaction. Twice.

Someone on a translation mailing list which I first joined in the previous millennium posted a link to her blog. I felt moved to post a comment. So far so good. I said what I wanted to say.

I appreciate Internet security measures, I really do – but as one who deciphers a great deal more than just text every day, it was indeed frightening that I could not decipher the jumble of letters forming the code which would allow my comment to be published.

I tried again. I failed again.

During the ensuing seconds during which I pretended I do not have a temper, and am truly patient by nature, I began to wonder whether indeed my supposed heritage was all that it was made out to be.  Perhaps there was, after all a touch of the alien vampire in my veins?

Zorf wore a hat to mask his deep sense of alienation.

I mustered all the effort I could on my third try, mainly because I know how gratifying it is to receive a comment on one’s blog.  I was also determined to reassert my membership of the great seething mass we call the human race, however superior we suppose putative extraterrestrial beings to be.

Yes!  Comment published after the third attempt. I am ever so relieved that the jolly password hurdle was not time-sensitive too, as are certain public toilet booths in the metropolis of Lisbon. This would have been too much for me to cope with.

Having succeeded, I realised what my initial problem had been: I had approached these graphic representations as if they were my own handwriting.

If Blogger really wants to confuse people with confirmations of our humanoid origin, then they are welcome to contact me for a few puzzling samples thereof. There will be no need to jumble the letters up either, especially if I do not print in capitals.


3 thoughts on “Three strikes and you’re human

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  1. Been there, fumed over it, and on occasion even given up the fight. Or even pasted my comment on to notebook on my desktop, closed the offending programmed, then gone back and tried again half an hour later, pasting the comment back from my desktop notebook into the comment box.
    By the way – those time machines in Lisbon and elsewhere ….. have you been in one when the loud male voice announces that the door will open in 20 seconds ….. while you are doing what nature wanted ……a lesson in fast moving poor hygiene. You are allowed to laugh!


  2. ho ho, a time toilet machine! Never heard of those, first time for everything……..and yes, those so-called ‘passwords’ are sometimes totally over the top, unintelligible, my sister Marianne would never have problems with cyphers, why do I battle so much? (she asks, innocently)


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