A messy business

We like nonsense rhymes precisely because they make no sense. They allow the rhymer lee-way to exercise (in this case) his wit. They allow listeners to hold their breath in anticipation of the next amusing thing. The first few lines of Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussy Cat are a case in point: The Owl... Continue Reading →


I love singing hymns. I loving singing my heart out singing hymns. I used to have a 1966 Austin 1100 which was 22 years old when I was its custodian. The whirr of the engine and the slight vibration of the rusty floorboards were perfect for singing on the half-hour journey to work and back... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number Seven

I am reminded, as I take my first sip, of the cellar at the Grand Hotel in Grahamstown (in South Africa; the country, not the region, which, by the way, inhabitants refer to as Southern Africa). For those who do not know, this treasure of wines, under low wooden-beam ceilings of various heights which leads... Continue Reading →

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