Smashed nuts

You probably think I should have said cracked, but these almonds, which I picked off the pavement under my neighbour's tree this afternoon, were smashed with the hammer. The pliers, about thirty years old and kept chiefly for sentimental reasons, were used merely to secure the nut in place.  As each shell was opened, I... Continue Reading →

Free time

There is no such thing as free time. There are times when your spirit feels free. There are times when you can have fun in places which are not normally fun. Like railway platforms where you have another 90 minutes to wait before boarding your train home. Here I am giving João a step-by-step presentation... Continue Reading →

Sanity in the balance

I thought it was time for some passive appreciation, so headed off to see what the lovely Savage Chickens had been up to. It is precisely because it is such defining moment in Macbeth, where Shakespeare so deftly portrays someone slipping over the edge into the realms of insanity - and consciously so - that... Continue Reading →

Apostrophe special

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