No problem – new radiator required

Sources of Joy - Day 43 The first source of joy came from the utter calm of composing a quotation to a potential new client this morning. Integrating newly absorbed ideas from the recent conference into daily practice made me feel as if a plan were coming together. I was also happy that I gave this... Continue Reading →

Kindling and the same ol’

"It's the same old story— yeah" Simon & Garfunkel, "Keep the customer satisfied"- For the chronologically-challenged, here's the brushed up CD version. I do hope there are still those out there who recognised the quotation immediately. The same old story is a reference to the fact that despite the convergence of opportunity, technology, and even a... Continue Reading →

Country Mouse

Country Mouse. That's me. How ironic that I have just been fiddling about with a translation discussing globalisation. Nevertheless, once a country mouse, always a country mouse. Town mice will find this lack of sophistication mildly amusing, and somewhat puzzling. What town mice won't realise is that for country mice, almost everything is an adventure.... Continue Reading →

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