Sources of Joy - Day 22 I really do love working. I got confirmation of an editing assignment set to begin in about three month's time. The client offered to make part-payment at the beginning of the job, which made me feel about ten times more special than I really am. Other aspects about this... Continue Reading →

The Vine Book

Follow the links as you read what follows: Asides have been highlighted in green. You can tell that I am a serious person from Eve Corbel's useful editing guide above. Or I take myself seriously. One of the two. Maybe both. I am also constantly amused and quite often silly.  I am seldom silly when... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number Seven

I am reminded, as I take my first sip, of the cellar at the Grand Hotel in Grahamstown (in South Africa; the country, not the region, which, by the way, inhabitants refer to as Southern Africa). For those who do not know, this treasure of wines, under low wooden-beam ceilings of various heights which leads... Continue Reading →

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