With reference to the image featured here you may well ask, 72% of what?  I should emphasise that this lovely example of rubbish is not from my TM.  I digress. I often do when I write about translation, so if you are looking for articles listing the 10 best ways to organise your day, search for them elsewhere; you won’t find them here.

What you will find here eventually is a list of all posts I have written which relate directly to translation.

In the meantime, clicking on ‘Translation-related’ in the category cloud on the sidebar will yield partial results, as it does here, of course, but this is a different set of partial results. Chaos comes in many forms, all of which are chaotic. To wit:–

SCAM – Bogus Directory of Translators

What your translation business deserves

The translation that wasn’t

Trumpets and translation

Old translators never die

Shoes and translation

Another “lost in translation” found

NAJIT – Interpreters, translators, and what you need to know

Aha! Nataly Kelly: 10 Ways Translation Shapes Your Life

Saint Jerome, freelance translator

Now or never: translation of a poem and other things I don´t know

What goes through my mind when I translate?


La plume de ma tante

A good ‘un

There are more. I shall add them soon.

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